Storm Drain Stenciling Project

Goal of Project

The goal of the City’s Storm Drain Stenciling Project is to raise awareness concerning the interconnectedness of the City of Moberly’s storm drain conveyance system and local lakes, creeks and streams. Storm drains are not just holes in the ground. Storm drains are an intricate part of the local watershed.

Watershed Area

A watershed is any area of land that drains to a particular body of water or any larger area of land and it creeks and streams that drain to a larger particular body of water. An example would be Sweet Springs Creek.

Sweet Springs Creek

Sweet Springs Creek is one of the City’s four storm water receiving streams. It accepts the storm water runoff from the southwest side of town and is approximately 11 miles in length. Sweet Springs Creek runs into the Middle Fork of the Chariton River near Clifton Hill. 

Other Water Sources

The Middle Fork flows into the Little Chariton River near Keytesville. The Little Chariton flows into the Missouri River by Glasgow.
The Missouri River merges with the Mississippi near St Louis and then flows all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.

Technically, a person can stand on a bridge on Seven Bridges Road and spit in an ocean a 1000 miles away.

  1. This project will involve using pre-made stencils to paint informational labels on storm drains within the city limits of Moberly. Completed storm drains are located on College Avenue in front of the MACC campus.
  2. The City will provide all the materials needed to label the storm drains and a city employee to help coordinate the work.
  3. The City will provide a brief “Working in Traffic” safety training course
  4. The City will also provide high-visibility safety vest for all participants, traffic cones and signage for use when working in traffic and a truck to carry the equipment.
  5. This project is a group effort and will require a 3 to 5 person team.
  6. Log sheets stating which drains were stenciled, who was in the stenciling party and the date the stenciling was performed on will be required for each storm drain. The City will provide blank log sheets.


A time commitment of 2 to 3 hours will stencil 4 to 6 storm drains.