Digital Mapping System


The City of Moberly utilizes a digital mapping system, called the GIS (Geographic Information System), to view and maintain data regarding real estate parcels, cemetery plots, elevation contours, and zoning information.

Real Estate Parcels

Information regarding ownership, legal description, and lot dimensions of parcels.

Infrastructure Locations

The location of water mains, water structures such as fire hydrants, gravity sewer mains, force sewer mains, and sewer structures such as manholes. Details such as the diameter of mains, the type of material they are constructed from, depth of a sewer manhole, and much more are maintained in the system and information can be obtained by calling our Code enforcement officers.

Contour & Elevation Information

The elevation of high and low points within the City of Moberly can be viewed. This is useful to City staff in determining the best approach to making infrastructure repairs and other maintenance tasks.

Zoning Information

The various zoning districts within the City of Moberly are maintained in the GIS system and can be used to determine the proper location of businesses and residences.

Color Aerial Photography

Digital aerial photographs were taken of the City of Moberly in the spring of 2020. This data coupled with the data previously described provides a comprehensive view of the city.

Cemetery Plot Location

Unsure of where a loved one is buried? The Oakland Cemetery is digitally mapped so that each grave site has a point location within the GIS System. A lighted kiosk with computerized name search and lot location mapping is located at the main entrance to the Oakland Cemetery.

Obtaining a Moberly Map

To obtain a digital map of the City of Moberly or to inquire about them visit Moberly’s GIS site.

  • Larger scale maps: price quoted per inquiry
  • Printed color aerial, 8.5″ x 11″ photograph: $1.50 per copy