Airport History

Starting Point

The first airport in Moberly was started by Clinton Linneman and Leo Hutchinson in 1927. It was located at the old brick plant and later moved north of Urbandale, then to the Old Missouri Transit grounds at the junction of highways 24 and 63.

Moberly Airport Association

In 1938, the Omar N Bradley Airport was started when a group of men interested in aviation organized the Moberly Airport Association. Fred Bell, the first president, was the first man in the group to buy an airplane. Clinton Linneman was the first flight instructor. 

This group leased 40 acres of land at the present airport site from the late H.C. Elsea. The association constructed a building about 20 by 40 feet for office and loafing space.

Omar Bradley

Municipal Support

In 1940 Marion Hulen, representing the Moberly Airport Committee, went before Mayor Tom Tydings and the City Council requesting support for a municipal airport. In 1943, the City Council passed a resolution changing the name of the Municipal Airport to Omar N Bradley Airport in honor of Omar Nelson Bradley, “Moberly’s Favorite Son”.