The Finance Department is responsible for the oversight of all financial activities of the City. It supports all City departments through its multiple functions:

  • Accounting
  • Annual Budget Development and Publishing
  • Coordination of the Annual Audit
  • Data Processing
  • Employee Health Trust Fund Management
  • Financial Statements
  • Financing of Large Item Purchases
  • Management of City Funds

Tax Information

City Taxes

The following is a breakdown of taxes for residents of the City of Moberly.

Real Estate & Personal Property Tax 2021

$1.0616 per $100 of assessed value:

  • $.7251 goes to the General Fund
  • $.3365 goes to the Park Fund

City of Moberly Sales Tax

  • Sales Tax 1%
  • Capital Improvement Sales Tax 0.5%
  • Park Sales Tax 0.5%
  • Transportation Sales Tax 0.5%
  • Use Tax 2.50% (assessed on purchases made out-of-state for tangible property used, consumed, or stored in Moberly)