Candy Cane City Playground

Dream Come True

Located on the east side of Rothwell Park on the shores of Rothwell Lake near the Lake Pavilion, the Candy Cane City playground is every kid’s dream come true. In 2008 the old Candy Cane City playground was replaced by the equipment you see today. 

In addition to the towering 2-story Skybuilder main structure, Candy Cane City also features:

  • ADA Accessible play areas
  • Dragonfly Teeter-totter
  • Ladybug Rider
  • Park Benches
  • Picnic Shelter
  • Swing Set
  • Toddler Playground
  • Parent-Child swing donated by Friends of the Park and Bob & Barb Riley
  • NEW bonded rubber surface which replaced the pea gravel!