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Routine Street Department Operations include:

  • Assist other Departments as needed
  • Assistance in preparation for Memorial Day at Oakland Cemetery
  • Assistance is given to the Sanitation Department as needed
  • Brush is ground for mulch
  • Cemetery is given as needed
  • Compost, mulch, waste dirt, concrete, and asphalt transported to the landfill for use
  • Curbs are repaired or replaced
  • Driveway culverts are installed or cleaned
  • Equipment maintenance repair and servicing is done
  • Facility maintenance and repair are done
  • Grass, brush, tree limbs on rights of way, alleys, and other city owned properties are cut
  • Gravel streets and alleys are rocked and graveled
  • Litter is picked up
  • Pavement Crack sealing is applied
  • Preparation work for the asphalt overlay program is completed
  • Sign replacement
  • Snow removal, salt and sand spread as needed
  • Storm drains are cleaned
  • Substandard sidewalks are removed for replacement by owners
  • Street repairs (concrete and asphalt patching)