Additional Duties


Street Division employees are responsible for maintaining the City’s vehicles and equipment. This department works on everything from Police cars to refuse trucks, lawnmowers to bulldozers and everything in-between.

street barn (JPG)


Proper maintenance of equipment assures continued protection of the City’s investment, safe-equipment for employees’ use, and projects a positive image to the taxpayers. Computers are being utilized to keep track of maintenance and repairs completed, and schedule regular preventive maintenance. This will assure all equipment is maintained in a timely manner, reducing breakdowns and associated costs.

Fabricating Tools

These employees are also called upon to fabricate special tools or equipment for specific jobs and have proven to be quite creative in recycling or reusing materials in order to save money or labor for the City. If any department has an equipment problem they can count on this Division to help find a solution. These employees are doing an excellent job of finding ways to save money on repairs and strive to help all of the departments of the City however possible.


With only two full time and four or five seasonal employees, an outstanding job of maintaining and operating the cemetery has been done. The grounds are always well maintained throughout the year but are especially impressive when the 400+ American flags are waving in the air.  The City has received numerous compliments on the job the employees have done.  The Cemetery Sexton is also utilized for duties at the Omar Bradley Airport. 

Additional Information

Information regarding the Oakland Cemetery, or to inquire about the purchase of a lot can be obtained by contacting the City Clerk’s office at 660-269-8705, ext. 2052.