Occupancy Inspections

An inspection by the City of Moberly is required before an occupancy permit will be issued. The following documents will be helpful if you are buying or renting a new home. These inspections are intended to assist in protecting the health, safety and welfare of the general public. This inspection does not replace the purchaser’s/occupant’s own obligation to be satisfied with the premises and to undertake private inspections.

You will need to schedule your inspection with the City of Moberly Utilities Department and pay the inspection fee at that time. This office is located at 101 West Reed Street in Moberly, or you may call 660-269-8705, ext. 2048 to set up the inspection. 

The cost for this inspection is $45 for single family structures. If a third re-inspection is required, an additional $25 fee will be charged.

Occupancy Inspection Checklist

Business Inspections

The Moberly Fire Department conducts annual inspections on all businesses within the city limits. Business inspections are intended to assist protecting the health, safety and welfare of the general public.The Moberly Fire Department uses the 2012 IFC(International Fire Code) when conducting all business inspections. These inspections help to maintain the current ISO rating of 4. 

Below is a link to the Inspection form that is used by the Company Officers as they conduct inspections throughout the year. On this form is the reference number from the code book and a comment section for any violations found. All inspections are done on-line and a copy emailed to the business owner. 

Business Inspection Checklist