Stream Team Project

Study Results

The City of Moberly conducted a Use Attainability Analysis during the summer of 2005 for the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. It was found, during this study, that many of the area creeks are being used as dump sites. 

Used tires, construction materials and old appliances can be found at or near many of the bridge crossings. Volunteers are needed to help with the clean up. Once the clean up is completed, the City is requesting the volunteers monitor the area and report on the various aquatic and wild life observed in the area.

Project Outline

  1. This project will involve removing discarded materials from area creeks and streams.
  2. The City will provide for proper disposal of all materials collected.
  3. This project will be conducted at bridge crossings and/or areas of public access only. Private property will not be entered or disturbed at any time or place.
  4. The City will provide maps and a brief overview of the areas of concern.
  5. Log sheets containing the clean up location, what was found, the date and names of volunteers will be required. 
  6. The City will provide blank log sheets.\The City will also provide blank data sheets for aquatic and wild life monitoring and reporting.
  7. This project is a group effort and will require at least two people to work together for safety reasons. A truck or other means of hauling the trash to the street barn will be needed.
  8. Time commitment of two (2) to four (4) hours should be sufficient for the initial clean up. The aquatic and wildlife monitoring would require a minimum one (1) hour per month during the warm weather months.