Tactical Team (SWAT)

Elite Unit

The Moberly Police Department’s Tactical Team - SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) is an elite unit within the department, which is comprised of eight highly trained, motivated and dedicated officers.

These officers are specially trained in high-risk warrant service, conflict resolution and dealing with incidents that go well beyond the scope and realm of “normal” day to day police patrol functions, in order to bring these types of incidents to a successful conclusion.


The original team, which consisted of seven members, was officially activated on December 1, 1992 and was referred to as the Hostage Rescue Team. Since its inception, the team name has been changed simply to SWAT to better differentiate what tasks the team may be asked to perform.


The amount of knowledge and experience possessed by these officers is beneficial not only to the department, but to the citizens of Moberly and Randolph County as well. Due to their dedication and motivation, two of the team members are supervisors, and with their real-world, hands-on experience, this knowledge is passed on to the rank and file police officers in ways that no book or classroom can match. When this information is passed down, these up and coming officers are better equipped to do their job safely and professionally.

The Moberly Police Department’s tactical team trains for a multitude of situations that may arise in our sometimes troubled world because, in the words of the team: “Failure to prepare is to prepare for failure”.