Fallen Officers

The Moberly Police Department remembers those officers who served in our ranks and dedicated a part of their lives to keeping our community safe. While they are no longer with us, we remember their service and honor their memory by keeping the tradition of providing a sense of security to our community and it’s citizens through dedicated, respectful, and progressive service.

Moberly Police Department Remembers

Frank Redding - Major 1948-1972
Clarence E McGinty - Lieutenant 1967-1972
Clifford W Dennis - Captain 1957-1975
James B Leberman - Chief of Police 
Dorsey "Dick" Sword - Sergeant 1969-1984
Billie Pollard - Chief of Police 1951-1989
Joseph M Rufkahr - Chief of Police 
Frank E Blakemore - Sergeant 1973-1999
Dale S Drew - Sergeant 1974-2004
James "JoHo" Fry - Sergeant 1979-2002
William J "Bill" Hall - Patrolman1975-2002
Ronald L Mallory - Patrolman 1982-2000
Image of Billy A Kamp
Billy A Kamp - Sergeant 1973-1999
Image of Dennis J. Cupp
Dennis J Cupp - Chief of Police 1977-2010
Kevin Palmatory
Kevin Palmatory- Commander 1980-2012

Fallen K-9 Partners

K-9 Rolf
K-9 Rolf
K-9 Cako
K-9 Cako
K-9 Vandal